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Unlike any other sport or pursuit as riders we are focused on combining two brains, two hearts and two bodies, so that they look and act as one, in a seamless display of rhythm, balance and harmony.


Whatever your riding ambitions are they are unique, personal and important to you. We all have the capacity for growth and development, how far we go and how good we become often depends on chance, luck, opportunity, natural talent and damned hard work.


The Naked Rider will help you find in yourself, the self-confidence; the mental concentration and the mental emotional and physical self-control needed on your journey towards your riding ambitions.


The book is a paperback A5 – 116 pp and is written in plain English, is extremely user friendly and will enable the reader to put into action key rider issues right from the very first chapter.  It is priced from £15.95 and can be purchased directly from this website or through Amazon. The Naked Rider is also available as an ebook priced £12.95 and is available in the following file formats: epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, html.


The Naked Rider – Contents

Chapter 1

“Use your brain not your rein”


Chapter 2

“Know and control yourself first, then lead and influence your horse”


Chapter 3

“You think you are doing everything right – but you’re probably not”


Chapter 4

“Use fear to sharpen your courage, not, blunt your spirit”


Chapter 5

“If you feed a positive or a negative - it wins”


Chapter 6

“Beware: excuses are always feasible and plausible”


Chapter 7

“Discover the power of stillness”


Chapter 8

“Pride comes before a fall. Are you over-confident or under-confident?”


Chapter 9

“Concentrate: and just be brilliant”


Chapter 10

“Look in the mirror, it’s where all your solutions lie”

I can’t promise to change your chance, luck or opportunity but, if you put in the hard work to help you find your natural talent, whatever that may be, then maybe, just maybe, chance, luck and opportunity will find you.


printed copies from £15.95 + p&p or download now as an ebook

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